Interview with Author Georgina Ellis

6 August 11

Hi everyone

Today I am interviewing Author Georgina Ellis. Georgina has written an awesome time traveler novel, and is currently working on a second one.



Hi Georgina, and welcome! I am happy to have you here, and am looking forward to our interview. When and how did you find out you like to write?


I started writing poetry at the age of twelve. It was probably pretty bad, but for me, it was an expression that I needed. I never thought about being a writer though. I was always interested in acting; I studied it in school and pursued it for many years – I’m a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and I still act in films sometimes.

What was the first thing you wrote that you showed other people?


A sonnet. We were studying Shakespeare in high school sophomore English, and so I decided to write one in Shakespeare’s style using the same rhyme scheme and iambic pentameter. My English teacher almost fell over. Then in college I translated a Shakespearean sonnet into Spanish for my professor and he said, “Magnifico!” But still, no urge to write anything much lengthier at that time.

What brought you to writing a time traveler book?


I had read so much Jane Austen, George Eliot, the Brontes, and I was in love with 19th century England. I began to ask myself, (usually while trying to fall asleep at night) what would it be like if I could time-travel to that time – especially Austen’s time of Regency England. What would I do, who would I meet, could I fit in if I had just the right training? Eventually, that thought developed into a story that I thought I should write down.

What was the process of “finding your characters”?


Well my main character, Cassandra, is a much more beautiful and talented version of me. Kind of like, if I could be the most accomplished me possible, and if I could change my looks however I wanted, what would I be like? That person became Cassandra. Then her son is based on my son, her love interest(s) on sort of a combination of intriguing men that I know, including my husband. Beyond that, characters crop up as needed and I find they sometimes resemble friends of mine or I find I’ve borrowed a few traits from characters in a favorite novel – but just a few.

How does it feel to be married to another author? Do you share your ideas? Thoughts? Feelings regarding writing?


My husband Jon (author of If I Can Lose It…a middle-aged tech-fanatics extraordinary journey and guidebook for losing weight) is my best collaborator and critic, though what he gives me is always constructive. He was the one, when I told him about this time-travel story in my head, who said, “Write it down!” and always encouraged me to keep going with it. We have and still do collaborate on screenplays, have directed plays together, and he has directed me in plays and films. We love creating together and think of ourselves as a team. He’s also my tech and design guy for formatting, designing and everything else.

How has writing changed your life (or not)?


It’s totally changed my life. Not only is it my passion now, above all else, besides my family, but it’s given me a daily expression that acting can’t give me. And, it’s even becoming a viable source of income!

Please tell us something you would like us readers to know about the book you are working on now.


I’m working on the sequel to The Time Baroness; it’s called The Time Goddess. In it, Cassandra travels to pre-Civil War New York City, and before she knows it, gets involved in Abolition, The Underground Railroad, and an unexpected passion.

When do you think you will be ready to publish your next book?


I should be ready with it by the end of the summer. I’d say latest in early fall, so please look for it!


Thank you, Revital, for inviting me to share with your readers.

Thank you Georgina for this fascinating interview.


3 September 11, 17:17
Sevasti Iyama
So excited to get the print copy of this book.

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